REVIEWS: What they say about my work as a wedding photographer


Wedding Photographer

Marche, Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, Italy

REVIEWS: What they say about my work 


"Mary is a very good photographer. It has a clean style, but extremely addictive. She was great at capturing the most intense moments of our marriage. When we reviewed the photos we were very excited and we were amazed at how she managed to capture beautiful moments while always remaining very discreet... His team was also fantastic and very helpful! I recommend it to everyone!"



"Professional and creative. Mary has a non-trivial photographic language that knows how to capture, with her sensitive and sensual shots, the personality of the person who portrays."



"Mary Della Giovanna, a name and a guarantee of professionalism. A unique style. It made our wedding day unique. A lovable person. At least once a month we watch our wedding album. Thank you Mary for the next event.""



"We met Mary at our wedding and found, as well as a professional, a friend.
We recommend that you contact her for all your important occasions."



"A kind and present professional. It accompanies you in choosing every detail from the location to the photo album.
It understands the needs of those who commission the work, always finding the right solution.
Thanks to his sensitivity he is able to bring out the beauty of each person with grace and elegance.
We met for a wedding and now we are very happy to have her as a family photographer for all our important events large and small."


"Photographing someone to give them back the emotion of a unique moment, it is not always an easy thing, you have to be good connoisseurs of the human soul, sensitive, empathetic, you have to understand that it is not only the beauty, and the radiant, that we will look for looking at a photography, but it is above all that distinctive trait that makes us ourselves."



"Mary mixes technique and artisticity with naturalness and disruptive energy. You can see from the start that photography is his greatest passion and, at the same time, right from the start you can see his preparation, with attached baggage of years of study, hard work and curiosity. In his works I have seen places, animals, people and, transversely, the desire to return the truth with honesty and without architects. Mary with photos experiments and invents, not losing the pleasure of making something new even just for the simple fact that it is nice to do it. And this creative research (which has led her to be the protagonist of a highly regarded exposure in Milan) pours into the works on commission, curated in detail and presented in a personalized way. Our friendship might make it seem like I'm not objective, but when a work in progress that's curating for a band Of which I'm a part is edited, that vision "will speak" much more than these words."



"Mary helped me a lot in renewing photos of my website and social channels.
It's professional, it really makes you feel comfortable and basically you have a lot of fun.
Even if you're a person used to being behind the camera, usually ."


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