Wedding Photographer

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Marriage is one of the best days of a couple's life. Time flies very fast and emotions infect everyone, even me!
The mission of the wedding photographer is precisely to capture the unique moments, the unique emotions and fix them in images that resist time.


I work with a documentary style of clean and essential reporting, I prevent sophistication and try to catch people in their spontaneity: I like to think that in reviewing a photo a person can not only recognize themselves, but has a way to relive in the in a richer way that precise moment, recalling the colors, the voice of friends, laughter, etc. And it is also for this reason that, in photographing a wedding, I love to make the most of the potential of natural light.


I drive and direct the situation only when it is necessary, such as immediately after the ceremony, or family photos.  For the rest of the time I often make myself invisible to capture the most important moments without meddling in the course of events; after all, marriages are full of emotions that it would be a real termination. I think it is essential to behave discreetly without being intrusive, so that people feel comfortable: basically it is your party, your magical moment!
What I aim for, always, is to produce a work that is excellent, honest and sincere; just so the photos will talk about you and your day.

Mary, what's your style?

I work with a clean and essential documentary style, trying to make the most of the potential of natural light on your wedding day. I direct the situation when it is necessary, such as. immediately after the ceremony or family photos.  For the rest of the time I often make myself invisible to capture the most important moments without meddling in the course of events. I always look for quiet moments, sincere laughter and tender smiles, following the natural flow of the day.

How do you organize the wedding photo shoot?

The photo shoot of marriage usually starts from the home of one of the spouses and continues to the house of the other, if they do not yet live together. I star photographing the preparations, the objects, the house, the people who are part of that scene. In case the future spouses or brides already live the photographs will obviously be in one house. This choice, to prepare together in the same place o not is at the complete discretion of the couple. The photographs of the preparations at home are really intimate and natural always reserve surprises when the couple sees them again leafing through the album. The next step is the ceremony: whether it takes place in the City Hall, in Church or in a private place this is the most formal moment of the day when it is essential to resume the crucial moments of the ritual. At the end of the ceremony, while guests usually reach the place of celebrations, the newlyweds and I head to the locations previously chosen for the couple's photos. We will be back after about an hour in the location of the party. From this moment on I will be on hand for guests and relatives to document the most playful moments of the party until the cake is cut.

Where do you take pictures after the ceremony?

Choosing the right place to take photos after the ceremony is always a delicate step; there are actually plenty of alternatives that include the variables of time and space between the venue of the ceremony and the place of the reception. I always look for a place along the way that I like, according to the brides and grooms, for light and colors. The important thing is that the spouses are happy to live this moment of the day as well. It may happen that the couple decides not to take these photographs. No problem! We will head together to the party leaving more room for reportage with guests and group photos.

In any case, each marriage is different, because each couple is different. 

Why are there two photographers at the wedding?

Working in two guarantees you greater completeness, because during the wedding we can divide and follow you separately, or have different shots and cuts of the same situation.  All this makes the reportage more dynamic and complete with details. For services with reduced hours and a small number of guests, there is the possibility to be followed only by a photographer.

How long does a wedding service last?

The service begins during the preparations of the spouses and ends with the cutting of the cake, for a total of about 12 hours. On request, you can extend your stay by applying an extra hourly rate. For services of 6 hours or more, the two photographers must be mealed. Of course, a reduced menu is enough.

What is included in the wedding photo shoot?

Wedding photo shoot includes:

Preparing spouses in their respective homes;

Ceremony in town hall/church or other place;

Romantic photographs after the ceremony in a place agreed with the newlyweds;

Reception, celebrations and dancing;

Two professional photographers.

Gift Box entirely handmade in Italy with fine art prints of the 30 most beautiful shots and the USB pen with 500 shots in high definition retouched in colors and lights.


We love your work but we don't live in Italy. Are you willing to travel?

Absolutely yes, I love to travel! I do services everywhere in Italy and abroad.  It will be my care to offer you a quote including the travel expenses.

How do we confirm the date?

I particularly want to be present at all the events for which I am hired, for this reason the only way to confirm the date is to sign the contract as soon as possible.

How long can I receive photos of the wedding?

I will deliver all the photos taken within six months form the wedding date.

How do I do for the album?

I will be happy to show you my sample of albums, all handcrafted and entirely made in Italy. The price of the album is to be calculated separately from the service and may vary depending on the size, number of pages, paper and type of print and - finally - depending on the materials chosen for the cover. Don't hesitate to ask for a quote, the options are many!

After the delivery of the wedding photographs I will prepare a pdf according to the album you have chosen; this will be done according my taste, the spouses will be able to make changes with their requests.

The retouching works specific and unrelated to my style will be evaluated together and possibly quantified separately.

Mary, do you make the videos too?

I'm a wedding photographer, I chose to focus on wedding photography. I will be very happy to provide trusted video production studio names. My advice will not be binding and you will remain free to choose who you like.

What are unplugged marriages?  

Unplugged wedding, or unconnected marriage, is a trend, coming from the United States, recently arrived in Italy, aimed at strongly limiting or eliminating the use of mobile phones, tablets, smartphones and social media, selfie sticks etc. throughout the event. Unplugged ceremonies are often adopted by couples who ask their guests to put their mobile phones away for once and experience the ceremony completely free and present to what is going on. They could be really good advice for the best outcome of your marriage/civil union. What do you think?

What is pre-wedding service?

The pre-wedding photo shoot is a service I provide to couples a few months ( depending where they live) before the ceremony so that the couple can establish a feeling with the camera; not everyone is used to being photographed in their own private. The photographs taken can be used as wedding participations or can be included in the album. What to wear? What makes you feel comfortable the most: maybe with coordinated clothes but not completely the same. You may, while you dress up, keep in mind that you have to go to the same event, so it will be much easier to find the right clothing. I advise you just not to show writings or logos on clothes, I do not want there to be distractions, the photographs should portray only you!

What is the cost of the wedding photo shoot?

The price of the photo shoot depends on a few factors, so I would be happy to receive more information about your wedding in order to bring you give a quote that is in accordance with your request.

Email me in marydellagiovannaph@gmail.com and I will send you the quote right away.